Friday, August 29, 2008

More pics :)

Alright, I promised a few more pics, and here they from the wedding and my birthday. I'll be sure to write soon after the football game which is TOMORROW! Can you tell I'm excited yet? Will write a real entry soon :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

End of the Summer

So it's the end of the summer, and now everyone is starting to go their separate ways as the school year begins. Andy and Spencer are going to China this afternoon for at least a year, Billy and Sarah are in Hershey, the fam is in Australia, and Emily, Nate, Joe and I are here in Provo. This summer has gone by incredibly fast and I am excited for classes to start next Tuesday. Not that this summer wasn't great--what with Emy and Nate's awesome wedding, the family coming to visit for three weeks, a family reunion, and plenty of downtime to chill here in Provo with friends--but I'm ready for a normal routine and to be busy 24/7 again. Especially since I'm finally starting into my major, Elementary Education :) Finally!
I've also been working in the BYU Upholstery Shop since May, which has been a blast. I LOVE the people that I work with, and my boss is great. The pictures here are just a few, among more that I'll put up from the summer highlights...enjoy :D