Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, if I had anything to report about that's been the main thing happening in these last three weeks, it would be the training that's been going on at Brick Oven...! This last week was the most intense so far, having to come in for five hours each day from Tuesday through Saturday. Yesterday was the first day that I got to serve tables by myself, well kind of. I had a 'shadow' with me, but after next week, I'll be serving by myself...which I'm nervous but really excited about! It's so fun once you start getting the hang of it, which I think I did (a bit) yesterday. :D I really love working at Brick Oven because the people are all awesome, and we make fun of each other all the time. Plus, it's a very busy place, just about always full, at least every day that I've worked there thus far.
Anyway, life is good...I'm liking school, work, my new ward, etc. I like it when things are busy, it's the best! Well, I'll write again when I have something interesting to report. Here's a picture I took on the way back from a morning class the other day.