Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small Update

So these last first couple weeks of school have gone by like a snap of the fingers, it's crazy. Yesterday was one of the busiest Saturdays that I've had in a long time. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so yesterday morning I went to a gospel choir practice for the Martin Luther King Jr. program that's going on tomorrow is so fun! I totally pictured me being pretty much one of the only white people in the choir (it's supposed to be a gospel choir, right?!), but whites actually make up the majority of the people who came and volunteered to sing, ha. Oh well, I think we still sound good. After that practice, I went straight to a dance practice for what's called "Fiesta 2009", here at BYU. What happens is that many Latin countries represent their nations through a dance that they present at this "Fiesta". It's done on a volunteer-basis, so I volunteered to dance for the Bolivian dance group...I could only make it for the last twenty minutes of practice, but I can tell that it's going to be so much fun! After the practice, I had lunch and did homework (and slept, whoops) in the afternoon, until I had to go to work at Brick Oven. I'm a server (waitress) there, and I think it's AWESOME...sure beats waking up at 4:30 AM to work at a custodial job, like I did before for three months...ick! I'll be making more money and interacting with people all the time, so I'm really excited about this job. :)