Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small Update

So these last first couple weeks of school have gone by like a snap of the fingers, it's crazy. Yesterday was one of the busiest Saturdays that I've had in a long time. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so yesterday morning I went to a gospel choir practice for the Martin Luther King Jr. program that's going on tomorrow is so fun! I totally pictured me being pretty much one of the only white people in the choir (it's supposed to be a gospel choir, right?!), but whites actually make up the majority of the people who came and volunteered to sing, ha. Oh well, I think we still sound good. After that practice, I went straight to a dance practice for what's called "Fiesta 2009", here at BYU. What happens is that many Latin countries represent their nations through a dance that they present at this "Fiesta". It's done on a volunteer-basis, so I volunteered to dance for the Bolivian dance group...I could only make it for the last twenty minutes of practice, but I can tell that it's going to be so much fun! After the practice, I had lunch and did homework (and slept, whoops) in the afternoon, until I had to go to work at Brick Oven. I'm a server (waitress) there, and I think it's AWESOME...sure beats waking up at 4:30 AM to work at a custodial job, like I did before for three months...ick! I'll be making more money and interacting with people all the time, so I'm really excited about this job. :)


Ann K. said...

natalie, sounds good! I wish you could serve ME some of that brick oven food! Miss you, Mom

Andy said...

Congratulations on the waitress job. And so close to campus! Spencer loves to go there and fill up his teeny salad buffet plate so high that he can barely carry it back to his table. I got to Alice Springs a few days ago and the boys called me Natalie for the whole first 24 hours. I guess they miss you!