Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and stuff

So it's been quite a while since the last time I wrote, whoops. A lot of fun things have been going on in the last few weeks that I wouldn't be able to write all about in one entry, but here I go to explain what I can anyway, at least from the last few days.
Halloween was a lot of fun this year. It being my first one back home after a while, I was way excited to dress up. Emily was nice to lend me her costume from last year, so yes, I was a go-go girl. At least at my ward Halloween party I was. That was a week before the 31st, so on the 31st, I was something else. I went to another stake's dance with Derek, and that was SO fun. I hadn't been to a dance in quite a while, so I had a blast. It was funny when the smoke machine set off the fire alarm of the entire Richards Building (a building by the Smith Field House on campus), and everyone had to go outside until a policeman finally came and turned it off. It was time for us to leave anyway, so Derek and I grabbed a caramel apple before heading out to meet up with a bunch of my friends for a Halloween night campout. I put Reese's Pieces on mine...SO good!
The campout was fun, except for when it got super-cold by about 5AM, but that's okay. Before going to sleep, we all hung out by the fire, made some s'mores, and watched a scary movie (it was supposed to be scary anyway, it was kinda lame). It was drizzling very lightly almost the whole time, but that didn't seem to bother any of us. The fire kept us plenty warm.
Then last night was Rosanne's birthday party that I put on for her. I of course had other friends' help, but I did most of it. I've discovered that it is so much fun to put on parties for other people! There must have been about twenty people there, and that was plenty because we made food for everyone (chicken burritos, cake and icecream, mmmm). She actually knew that something was going to happen, but she just didn't know who all was going to come, so when she walked in and just saw me on the couch 'watching TV', she was totally surprised when everyone came out from the kitchen and yelled 'surprise!' She had a lot of fun last night, and I'm glad she did. :)
Talking with Rosanne the other night, she told me that we actually only have 26 school days left until Christmas vacation...that made me SO excited/happy! I absolutely can't wait until then. I miss my family. But such is life, and it continues to move forward. I'm actually going to be moving to another apartment at the beginning of winter semester. I also just got a new job last week, cleaning in the Clyde building early in the mornings during the week. It's the only kind of job that would work with my crazy/sporadic class schedule. It's alright though, and I like the crew that I work with.
I found out that I'll be doing my first student teaching in Jordan during the second half of next semester...! And so it begins, I can't believe it. I'm kinda nervous, but of course excited as well.
I hope things are going well with all of you...I miss and love you all!


Andy said...

Jordan like the country Jordan?!

Nat said...

Ha, no, the Jordan that's by Salt Lake City. It would have been cool if I'd been able to go to the country of Jordan though!